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App of the Week(end) Datpiff Mobile


If you love mixtapes This is app for you. All my hiphop and r&b fans will enjoy it.  I know back in the day when you had to make your own mixtape using the radio and cassette trying to record your favorite song. Well times have changed and now it’s as simple as opening a app and have access to your entire mixtape library. You can stream or download mixtape’s.

App is available for the following operating systems and download links are available.

Android :






Wednesday Website of the Week DIYPhotography.NET

My website of the week is a great site for photographers and diyers. Its

I love this website its great for doing projects and enhancing your photography skills. I recommend this website to anyone looking to do some projects like create your own backdrops, light rings, sliders, and backdrop stands.

Check it out please.


Wednesday Website of the Week Lifehacker

We’re back with another editions of WEBSITE Wednesday. is our website of the week. I have been using this website for the past 8 years or so. It’s been so helpful and beneficial for me in my personal and business life. They provide some much information regarding everyone tech, food, clothes, you name it they touch every topic and the writers are amazing.

The one thing I love about them is they never trick you with misleading headlines. If it’s in the headline is talked about in the post and the website is so easy to navigate.

When they do their top list of Apps and Software it’s very beneficial. Make sure you bookmark this site. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Motivation Monday Put God First

Hi Folks just wanted to motivate and inspire on this Monday. Whatever your dreams or goals are put God first. Seek God first no matter the situation or circumstances. Just remember his plan for your life is better than your plan.

I know you’re reading this and you may have something going on in your life that has you down and discouraged. Remain positive in the face of adversity. I been in your shoes I gone through things that others haven’t or wouldn’t make it through. If you are reading this right now you are still here kicking and fighting the good fight. Don’t give up keep pushing. He brought you this far don’t think he would leave you right now. Seem GOD FIRST. STAY Strong.

Share with a friend and be the source of positivity for someone.


Get Tough Skin

When chasing your dreams and passion you would like to think everyone is cheering for you. Thats far from the truth about the situation.  People like to see you do good just not better than them.  Also, misery loves company.

Develop thick skin and gain the ability able to  sort out who’s for you and who’s against you.  This post was short on purpose. Didn’t want to take too much of your time up but i didn’t want to get the message a cross .


Motivation Monday Believe In His Plan

Motivation Inspiration Monday

Get inspired get motivated get to action. Find your passion in life. Don’t chase the money or what your parents, friends, and family think you should be doing with your life.

Believe Gods plan for your life is better than your plan. Ask God “is this your plan for my life. I promise you will get your answer it may not be instant but you will get our answer. Believe in yourself you can accomplish anything.

Put God first – Stay humble – Stay focus – Work Hard.


App of the Week(end) – Ball King App

Ball King App

On Friday we spotlight Apps that you should download right now and be able to enjoy all weekend and into the following week. This week we have BALL KING App. I can’t take the credit for founding this app it goes 100% percent to my daughter. This is a very addictive game that will you help pass time while waiting in line to get a snowball, ride the superman roller coaster or getting that bushel of Maryland crabs.

Its available for IOS and Android its a Free download with In-App purchases.




Throwback Thursday Classic Sounds

Throwback Thursday Classic Sounds Edition


If you looked at the feature image you saw two classic images that had iconic sounds. The first one is AOL (America Online) everyone remembers that’s start up dial tone and email alert “You’ve got mail. The second image is Nextel. I know some of my younger readers are saying “What’s that”? Nextel was the leader in direct connect communication. With the touch of a button you could connect with someone. No dialing of a number and hearing it ring sent the person on the other end an alert. From there you would engage in a walkie talkie style conversation.


So I just wanted to pay homage to two of the companies I grew up with. So I took the time to convert these famous sounds for us to enjoy on our smartphone. I know you been out in public and heard the classic IPhone or Samsung ring/alert and thought it was your phone but it wasn’t. That drives me nuts. I wanted to let you catch a case of nostalgia. So I converted the classic sounds of yesterday in a format that is smartphone ready. Both are available to download now. Please share with a friend and tell them where you got them from.

The youtube video is about 3 years old.

Espn Ring tone

Nextel Beep Beep

Nextel Radio

You’ve Got Mail







Effective communication skills are vital for your business or any type of relationship to thrive. Having the ability to get your message across to potential customers and clients will be necessary for your business to grow and stay healthy. Your message should clear and easy to understand. The message should a flow to it and isn’t all over the place.
Here are some tips you might want to consider before you send that next email, text, newsletter, post and status update to clients and customers.

* Proof read the message as if you were the one receiving it instead of sending it. (Does it make sense to you looking from the client/customer perspective)?
* Did you get your point or purpose across?

* Is the message clear and easy to understand?

* Does the it have a flow or is it all over the place.

* Check the length of your content. Figure out what the sweet spot is some messages can be short and to the point. While others maybe long and very detailed.

* Provide the recipient(s) with the opportunity to ask questions directly if they need further clarification.


Next Wednesday I will pick up on PART 2 and I will touch on non-verbal communication. This is a big one because sometimes your body language says more than your actual words do. Please subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss another post.


Discounts and Hookups NO NO NO!!!!

When your black and you own your business at some point you’re going to have to deal with the “Can I get hookup and or discount” customer or client.  For those who don’t know what that is or have experienced that yet. Its a client or customer that thinks they are entitled to a discounted rate of service or price due to a personal relationship. Below are some of the most common reason why they feel that way.

  • Family
  • Co-Workers
  • Friends or Friend of the family
  • Classmates
  • Attend the same church
  • Same Race (Black)

The list can go on and on but i will stop here for right now. I will explain how to deal with each one over the next 30 days. Today we are dealing with how to handle family.

First one is family, when dealing with family and business i always tell people you have to be firm and direct. Maintaining your level of professionalism is very important when dealing with family. Treat them like they aren’t family (which can be a great thing).  When you’re around family you will find your self more comfortable and relax which can be a problem when discussing business matters. Below are two tips with dealing with family.

  • Be firm and direct about your prices and services. Don’t ever fill intimidated or let someone make you fell bad because you won’t provide a discount.
  • Explain to them, even though you’re family you are trying to run and maintain a successful business.  Its nothing personal just business.  If they pull the “other races don’t charge family full price.”  Your response should be, “other races family members don’t have a problem with paying full price to support family member and their dreams.”

I will tackle the rest of the relationships over the next 30 days. Hope you enjoy the blog so far. Thanks Lia for the kick I needed to get started.

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