Communication Major Key Pt 2 Cell Phones

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I really wanted to right this blog a couple weeks ago, but some other topics I felt were important I spent time on. Today is the day I wanted to talk cell phones and business.  If your primary source of communication is your cell phone this blog is for you and your business.

Cloud Services: If you have a smart phone iPhone, Galaxy/Android, or Blackberry its important to use some type of cloud software to back up your contacts, text message, photos, documents, and important notes.

Warranties/Insurance: Invest in a backup/replacement phone and insurance.  With most of the smartphones being made of glass it just takes one drop for your device to become a $600 paper weight.  I recommend getting Apple Care for all your Apple devices.  Also, you may want to look into a Square Trade Warranty for all your non Apple Devices and Apple devices.

Cases: Please purchase a case I don’t care what kind of case Otterbox, Tech 21,  Spigen, Lifeproof, or etc. I know the phones looking amazing without a case but you have to think about your clients and customers. If a potential client can’t contact you because your phone is out of commission thats lost revenue. If a current client can’t contact you may lose a loyal customer moving forward. Its just not worth it protect the phone Amazon has some great cases to choose from.

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