Contracts Contracts Contracts

For me being a Wedding/Event photographer contracts are essentials for my business to thrive. Contracts protect you and your clients from potential confrontation and legal matters. Also, it clears up any gray area they may come up down the road involving packages, length of service, turnaround times and so forth.

I only use contracts for event photography. I don’t use it for portraits and mini sessions and other services I provide. Time is your most precious and valuable gift. With that being say you must ensure you will receive compensation for your time.

It’s been times I have been burnt by family, friends or ex coworkers. Where I reserved a date and time and didn’t do a contract. was more of a variable agreement with the intent to do a contract. Once it got closer to the event date they had a change or something came up it was always a excuse.
I had to learn the hard way. I turned down so many events giving people the benefit of the doubt. When running a business you can’t do that you will end up out of business. From here on out no contract no deposit, no photographer.

I will expand more on this topic in later blogs.