I really wanted to touch on this topic. Its very important for business owners and clients/customers to understand lateness is not ok. I know black people have the reputation of always being late hence the phrase, “CPT” (Color People Time). However, thats just not going to fly anymore. Time is the most precious gift we have on this earth and for you to waste someone else is dead wrong. Your client is vital for your business success so making them feel important and treating them with respect is so important.

Working as many events as I have I seen it all. From late Djs, Bakers, Musician, Ceremony officials, Wedding party members, Videographer, Caters and Guest of honor. Treat the event as your own and try to arrive on early. Its ok to be early or on time. I never got where being late is cool and acceptable. I know you want to arrive fashinonalby late but that doesn’t apply to vendors.

I been a event photographer for over 9 years so I pride myself on being on time. You know the old phrase, “If your on time your late and if your early your on time.”  From initial consultation to the event date I want to make sure I arrive early. I don’t like to take that chance and end up running late for someones special date.  Things happen like flat tires, accidents, traffic jams, etc just giving yourself more time to get to your destination goes a long way.


Tips for Business Owners

  • Charge fees for late or missed appointments.
  • Prepare for your client event in advance if possible don’t wait for the last minute.
  • Get directions to your destination, look for alternate routes.
  • Communicate with your client(s) about arrival times.
  • Invest in some sort of roadside service for those dead batteries, flat tires, etc…
  • Create alarms and timers on your phone.
  • Make it a priority to arrive on time.

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