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App Of the Week(end) Word Flow

App of the week(end) Word Flow

This is the best keyboard app for IOS. I love the fact that you can use it left or right handed. Also, the app has swipe to text feature found on most androids.

IOS Direct Link to purchase – Cost: Free


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App of the Week(end) SAYHI Translate

App of the Week(end) SayHi Translate.

Run and download this APP ASAP while its still free.  Its worth the price but grab it right now. This app will translate your speech to another language and its so easy use and works flawlessly. If you ever wanted to speak a second language or just communicate with a stranger this is perfect. It works for both iPhone and iPad.


IOS – Link to download click here.

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Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 9.57.36 PM.png

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App of the Week(end) Super Mario Run

super mario





App of the Week(end).  It’s a newly announced app that isn’t available yet. It made major waves at the IPhone 7 event this week. Super Mario Run for IOS. I been waiting for Mario and Pokemon and all things Nintendo to join the mobile device platform. Earlier this year Nintendo release  Miitomo for IOS and Pokemon Go this past summer, I was waiting for the news of Mario.

No price has been set or release date as of yet but follow us on social media @flawlessphotos and we will let you know all the release dates and times.  The graphic and gameplay look amazing.  Next on the wish list is Duck Hunt.


App of the Week Pocket Expense

Its Friday and you know what that means where back to give you a new App of the Week(end). WE like to give you a great app for you to download and use all weekend into the following week. This week I would like to introduce Pocket Expense App. This app is for IOS, they did have a Android version not sure what if they removed it.

This is app is free however it does comes with advertisements to remove the ads you have to purchase the app for $5 is money well spent.  If your like me and you have a business and you like to keep track of your spending and receipts this is your app. Also, if you’re like me and you have a family you know creating a budget and monitoring your cash flow in and out is very important.  This app is great i use it daily, and it also sync with iPad and iPhone. So you are able to keep track on both devices while only having to input data in one its amazing and a time saver.

The reason I love this app is because I can create monthly reoccurring events such as bill payments and direct deposits. So I am always aware of  whats coming in and out. The reports are great as well you can export those in CSV format which is very helpful.  Another feature you will find is a pie graph chart. The chart is amazing it groups and catagorise your spending so you can get a overview of where your money is going. I am telling you will love this app from the time you download it.  Link to download the app is below.

Itunes Link –  Pocket Expense Personal Finance – Account Tracker … – iTunes – Apple Currently has a 4 star rating.


Developers website if you have any more questions or concerns.





App of the Week(end) – Ball King App

Ball King App

On Friday we spotlight Apps that you should download right now and be able to enjoy all weekend and into the following week. This week we have BALL KING App. I can’t take the credit for founding this app it goes 100% percent to my daughter. This is a very addictive game that will you help pass time while waiting in line to get a snowball, ride the superman roller coaster or getting that bushel of Maryland crabs.

Its available for IOS and Android its a Free download with In-App purchases.

Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qwiboo.ballking&hl=en

IOS – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ball-king/id946496840?mt=8

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