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Flawless App of the Week(end)

Hi folks every weekend I like to bring you a App of the week. However, we added a spin on it. We call it the app of the “weekend”. We give you a App to try out for the weekend that will provide entertainment, productivity, improved health and so much more,


Spotlight App this week – 1Password this is a amazing app to help you with password manager.  It’s so many website, social media, banking, and etc that requires a password and sometimes it can become over whelming.  this is the perfect app to try that will work wonders for you. User friendly and you will like the user interface.


link to download below.



iTunes link – 1Password – Password Manager and Secure Wallet by AgileBits Inc.


Ultimate Inspiration

Ultimate Inspiration

I been wanting to Blog and Vlog about photography, technology and business for about the past five years. I always started to write down my plan and schedule of what I would blog about and when I blog and so forth. I just never got around to doing it until today. Sometimes God put people in your life and you don’t realize why.

Today started like any other day. I woke up and said my daily prayer. I checked my phone before I headed to the bathroom and saw I had a new follower on Instagram. I was was curious to see if it was a spam follower or maybe a potential customer. When I clicked on the profile it was one of friends. She started a new page dedicated to being a young, black, wife and mother. I was left in awe. She is doing the damn the thing. I am so proud of her and she has a amazing family.

I just felt that spirt inside of me and that voice say the time is now. I finally got that nudge and push I needed. I thank God for the people he has place in my life over the past few years and removed the ones who shouldn’t be in it. Thank you Lya.

I hope with my blog and Vlog I am able to help, encourage, motivate, and inspire others.

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