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Flawless App of the Week(end)

Hi folks every weekend I like to bring you a App of the week. However, we added a spin on it. We call it the app of the “weekend”. We give you a App to try out for the weekend that will provide entertainment, productivity, improved health and so much more,


Spotlight App this week – 1Password this is a amazing app to help you with password manager.  It’s so many website, social media, banking, and etc that requires a password and sometimes it can become over whelming.  this is the perfect app to try that will work wonders for you. User friendly and you will like the user interface.


link to download below.



iTunes link – 1Password – Password Manager and Secure Wallet by AgileBits Inc.


Motivation Monday!!!

Motivation Monday!!!

It’s the first Monday of 2017 I know you’re ready to knock those goals out and accomplish your dream.  This post will be quick. I want everyone to go follow Gary Vannerchuck. He is a inspiration to the entrepreneur. It’s refreshing and you will learn so much.  Also, follow me on IG for flawlessphotos I hope I can inspire and help others reach full potential.

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App Of the Week(end) Word Flow

App of the week(end) Word Flow

This is the best keyboard app for IOS. I love the fact that you can use it left or right handed. Also, the app has swipe to text feature found on most androids.

IOS Direct Link to purchase – Cost: Free


Screen Images Below

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App of the Week(end) Super Mario Run

super mario





App of the Week(end).  It’s a newly announced app that isn’t available yet. It made major waves at the IPhone 7 event this week. Super Mario Run for IOS. I been waiting for Mario and Pokemon and all things Nintendo to join the mobile device platform. Earlier this year Nintendo release  Miitomo for IOS and Pokemon Go this past summer, I was waiting for the news of Mario.

No price has been set or release date as of yet but follow us on social media @flawlessphotos and we will let you know all the release dates and times.  The graphic and gameplay look amazing.  Next on the wish list is Duck Hunt.


App of the Week(end) Datpiff Mobile


If you love mixtapes This is app for you. All my hiphop and r&b fans will enjoy it.  I know back in the day when you had to make your own mixtape using the radio and cassette trying to record your favorite song. Well times have changed and now it’s as simple as opening a app and have access to your entire mixtape library. You can stream or download mixtape’s.

App is available for the following operating systems and download links are available.

Android :http://piff.me/android

IOS : http://piff.me/iphone

Windows: http://piff.me/windows

Amazon: http://piff.me/amazon


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